5 May 2016 “TANBO Fes 6” (EN)


 For Japanese / 日本語はこちら

You will be able to see this ordinary rice field (Tanbo) any where across Japan, but when the organizer/farmer, performer, artists, creaters, and the participants get together on the day of May 5th, it becomes TANBO Fes.

The people are not just from Himeji but all over Japan; Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Okayama, Gifu, Tokyo, Kobe, Nagano, Nara, etc.. and they are all talented creators and artists.

All the food, drinks, workshops, yoga, shodo performance, Live painting, DJs, sound systems, are all at positive vibes to make this day to be most memorable experience you will have on Tanbo.

It will give you so much from in and out and you will be addicted to this kind and slow energy that this event always been created. Come around! you won’t regret it!

previous TANBO fes
previous TANBO fes


DJs, Live paint, Live Shodo, Yoga, Silkscreen, Raw Chocolate, Accessories, Tipi workshop for kids, Hair cut, organic food, freshly squeezed juice, jerk chicken, etc…

2016 May 5th 11:00 – 17:00

1500yen + 1d
high school kids 1000yen
middle school kids or below entrance free

Place :
Rice field just North of Kochi elementary school , Yumesaki, Himeji, Hyogo Japan

姫路市立 古知小学校

for more info:
info@hppbm.net or Carote 0792276683

text:Takashi Shimabukuro